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Around Hemyock - February 09

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Archived Stories With all the decorations safely packed away for another year, Christmas and all it's celebrations now seem far away but what enjoyment we were able to get from them - Christmas Fairs, parties, discos, sporting activities and a variety of services at St Mary's and the Baptist Chapel. It was good to see so many children and young people taking part in the services. As always the school carol morning was a delight (and as someone said it wouldn't be Christmas in Hemyock without the 'Innkeeper's Song' sung so enthusiastically by the youngsters), the Christingle afternoon an absolute joy, the Crib service full of warmth and it was standing room only for Papa Popov's Special Christmas. The past few weeks have seen a number of families and friends saddened by the loss of a loved one and through the Pump we send them our condolences and love. We remember in particular Graham Howsam who over the past 10 weeks has lost both parents.

Dorothy Howsam, (nee Perrott) who passed away in early November was a quiet, gentle, unassuming lady. During the war years, and prior to her marriage to Tony, she worked on farms at Madford and Dunkeswell Abbey, this included delivering milk to local people. Her father had Italian prisoners of war working on his farm and one of them constructed a photo frame for her made out of bits of aluminium from aircraft which was something she kept and treasured. In the village she worked for the Doble family. Dorothy had been involved with the local Royal British Legion Women's Section a number of years ago and along with Betty Shire and the late Dora Fuller was involved with the annual Poppy Appeal. One of Dorothy's great enjoyments was a weekly game of cards with two friends.

Like his wife, Tony enjoyed a quiet life often spending time fishing. He and Dorothy had met when Tony, originally from Lincolnshire, was stationed at Smeatharpe Airfield as an Air Gunner. During the war he was amongst those whose released the starving prisoner's from the infamous Changi Prison, Singapore. Despite suffering with lead poisoning as a young man and having to
work on the land Tony later returned to the building trade when he and Dorothy made their home in Hemyock.

Dulcie Webber was a family friend of the Howsam's and one of Dorothy's card playing partners and she too has passed away. Dulcie was the opposite in nature to Dorothy, always bubbly, full of fun with a great enthusiasm for life. Born at Culmstock she lived at Millhayes with her late husband Harold and son Kevin. Dulcie had spent her working life at the St Ivel factory canteen where workers were always sure of a smile from her.

Jack Burnett can without doubt be described as a gentleman in every sense of the word. He and Betty moved to the village not meaning to stay but it did not take long to change their minds. They spent 20 years of retirement here very happily enjoying the friendly village life and the fellowship of St Mary's church. The Bowling Club quickly became Jack's full time hobby and became the
absolute answer to leaving a busy working life to fill retirement years with many pleasures and friendships.

Bill Lowman may be remembered by readers who have lived here for many years. He lived with his parents, Redvers and Margaret at South View and spent his early working life at Wide's, an important employer here for many years and now the home of Hemyock Motors. He moved to Harrow over 40 years ago but kept in touch with the village through family and this publication.

Amongst others who we no longer see are Jacki Genge, Dorothy Salter and Peter Jones.

As always many of us will be aware of folk who are unwell or have needed hospital treatment - Tim and Olive Goodman, Eddie Tartaglia, Margaret Craig, Bill Watson, Sandy Hannaford, and Joan Adams are just a few. We send everyone best wishes for a speedy recovery.

The Lynsey Trust, set up in memory of Phil Maclean’s late wife sees money being raised for various charities. Phil's latest fundraising venture is a calendar of views in Somerset. We wish him good luck with this.

Living in such a lovely area we are used to the beauty of nature but during the recent cold spell the views of trees, hedges and fields covered in ice have been glorious looking like a winter wonderland.

Congratulation's to the Jordan sisters who were each nominated and received an award at The Celebration of Achievement Presentation Evening held at County Hall recently.

No doubt you'll be hearing mention of many different things happening in the coming 2 months, and for us Cornish folk St Piran's Day can be celebrated in early March.

Just prior to going to press we heard that Janet Tucker (nee South) has died.  Janet lived in the village until her marriage and many local folk will remember her and the family.

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