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New Walkway in Sight

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Archived Stories For some time now the historic raised walkway which links the Millhayes area of Hemyock with the main village has been falling into disrepair. A responsibility of the Highways Department of DCC, the County Council are not willing to spend money in order to repair and upgrade it to modern standards of health and safety. Concerned parishioners have raised the issue of its continuing deterioration and dangerous condition with Hemyock Parish Council who regrettably have decided to ask DCC to remove it. But there is good news for pedestrians who cannot walk into the village when the road floods. The parish council is well on the way to providing an alternative modern raised walkway on the other side of the road. “The process is time consuming and at times frustrating” says Councillor Lance Povah who has taken a personal interest in the project, “but we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure that villagers will be pleased with the final walkway which will keep everyone’s feet dry for many years to come”.

“The council regrets the removal of the old walkway which was at one time a picturesque welcome to people travelling into Hemyock from the north, but what will replace it in due time will have better form and function” said Heather Stallard, Hemyock Parish Council’s Chairman.