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Hemyock.org celebrates three years of activity

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Archived Stories It really has been 3 years on Saturday since hemyock.org went live.  Since then we have had around 48,000 visitors and have even had a local newspaper ring up to ask if they can use one of our pictures.  

Hemyock.org was created by Paul Steed and Matt Clements on the basis that it was better for 100 people to do 1% of the work, than one person do 100% of the work, and that is still our motto. 
The website content is controlled by the clubs and organisations that are in the village and are represented.  They can enter Calendar events, Stories and edit their own Static pages.  There are content guidelines but no editors.   We run courses on demand to show people how to enter their information. Its very easy.

Since the launch three years ago, people have entered a total of 463 Stories, and 675 Calendar Events.  Our Photo Gallery now contains 346 photos of events and places to do with Hemyock.  Of the Static Pages, the most popular have been;
Its an amazing resource for gaining new members to your favourite Club, or telling the people of the village and surrounding areas about what you do.    If you want to get involved please contact Paul Steed on 01823 680787.