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Pavements we need them, but who owns them?

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Archived Stories Hemyock Parish Council has negotiated with some residents to give up property frontage in order to make way for pavements. This ongoing project is proving successful and very popular. It has also become normal for planners to make the provision of pavements outside properties part of their consent on major works where this is reasonable. An example is the recent new builds along Station Road. But an interesting planning question has arisen; “who then owns the pavements?” Naturally, as they are built by Highways one would have assumed that the County Council have now adopted all pavements and will keep them in good order. However, this may not be the case. There is a section of pavement in the village which needs repair, but it appears that the County Council are refusing to carry out the work because it has not adopted that pavement, which has left the residents somewhat bemused.

"How will other property owners fare when the 'donated' pavements in front of their properties come up for repair" says Council Chairman Heather Stallard. The Parish Council is seeking to gain clarification.