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From Ray Radford

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Archived Stories I am pleased to be re-elected to serve this area for another four years. I do thank everyone for their support and do my best to represent you all. Thank you. As a result of the elections, at County Hall, there has been a change of administration. We also know there will get reduced funding from Government, as much as 20%, although I can't imagine it will be that sort of figure. Can you imagine the uproar that would cause, but it could be as much as 5%.

As Councillors we have to serve on various committees. I will be serving on the Pensions and Investment, the Policy and Resources, the Planning Development Control and the Environment, Economy and Culture Committees. All these committees will deal with issues relating to the whole of Devon.There are also the Mid Devon local committees which are The Mid Devon County Committee, and Highway and Traffic Orders Committee. Finally the Devon and Som. Fire Authority

My main concern will, nevertheless, be for this area, I will always take care of this area and their needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me: ray.radford@devon.gov.uk; or 01884 820000.