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Rev Malcolm Beal - 50 Years As A Minister!

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Archived Stories Congratulations and warm applause have been given to the Rev Malcolm Beal by members of St Mary’s Church and Culm Davy Chapel, Hemyock as he celebrated 50 years as a Minister in the Church of England. On retiring from full time Ministry Malcolm and his wife Mary moved to Hemyock but he soon found he was in great demand around the area. He regularly takes services at Hemyock and it was fitting that he took Morning Prayer exactly 50 years to the day of his Ordination which took place at Wells Cathedral.

Malcolm was presented with a book of Daily Prayer and Mary with a floral arrangement. David Bawler, deputy Warden, spoke on behalf of the church thanking him for his work within the Benefice. He caused laughter when he said Malcolm had boxes filled with sermons he had given over the years and perhaps now was the time to clear them out!

Mrs Valerie White, also a retired Ministers wife, gave a short bible reading on what a good wife should be before presenting the flowers, as she reminded the congregation of the many things Mary had done including following her husband to work in Africa.

At the end of the service a cake with a golden inscription was cut by the couple.

The couple would be ending the day by attending Evening Prayer at Wells Cathedral.

Janice Bawler