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Something Different

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Archived Stories One of the things that the Emmaus group has been looking at is the idea of different forms of worship. They are currently looking at a presentation to mark Epiphany, but before then are planning a service in the spirit of Taize. This will  be on Sunday November 15th at Culm Davy Chapel starting at 3pm.

Taize services are a little different in that they tend to be more reflective, quieter  and often contain periods of silence. The music is usually in the form of  repeated simple chants. This comes from the solution found by the founder of  the Taize community, Brother Roger, in finding something all the visitors could  join in with. And given that the Community might get 5000 visitors a week from  all over the world it was not an easy problem to deal with.

So come and see what makes this form of service so satisfying to so many.  And if you want to try a more "upmarket" version before then, there is a Taize service in the Cathedral on November 1st at 5pm.

Also at the Cathedral there is a service of Healing and Wholeness on November 8th starting at 5pm.