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Thank You

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Archived Stories From mid June to mid October David Palmer was absent from Lower Mackham Farm and Hemyock, but not forgotten! It seemed I could not go anywhere without people asking after him and arranging to visit, offering me help - from doing shopping, cutting the lawn, baking cakes, rounding up cattle or driving me to Williton to visit David. We have both been overwhelmed with so much kindness and are so grateful to and for you all - Thank You! Now David is home we are getting used to a slower pace of life - for the present while David is relearning how to do 'things', which paradoxically is very time consuming and tiring. So we take this oppertunity to send our Seasons Greetings for a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Christmas to everyone instead of sending cards, (money saved will be donated to MU East African famine Appeal)

God Bless you from Meg and David