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Archived Stories Hemyock Women's Institute meet in Forbes Lounge on the first Tuesday at 7.30pm. At the Annual Meeting in October Brenda Calcraft agreed to be President again with Judith Major continuing as Secretary, Sandra Featherstone as Treasurer and Lyn Taylor as Vice President. Most of the Committee were happy to continue with their duties. Judith reported another interesting year with Theatre visits, skittles matches, a Treasure Hunt and a variety of speakers. There is now a Reading Group which meets each month to discuss a chosen book. This results in interesting debate as some people like the book others find it boring and difficult to finish.

The treasurer reported a satisfactory year thanks to member's hard work & generosity.

The President thanked all for their support throughout the year. It was then time for a Beetle Drive and Quiz before enjoying an excellent supper with wine.

At the October Meeting Lyn Taylor presided over a most enjoyable Meeting. After a discussion of County and National business, there was a report on the Autumn Council Meeting at Torquay which had been attended and enjoyed by Judith & Brenda.

Then members were fascinated by the history of Quicke's Cheese well presented by Stuart Dowell. Stuart had brought a good supply of the products which were much enjoyed. Yet more packs of cheese boosted the usual excellent raffle organised by Barbara Heaton.

In December Members will attempt to create a Christmas decoration under the guidance of Judy. There is a competition for an interesting Christmassy item plus your favourite home grown flower.

In January there will be a Meeting on the 5th when Roger Lambert will talk about 'Shelter Box'. The competition will be for 'A Useful Box'.There are plans to have a Celebratory Birthday Meal at the Catherine Wheel later in the month. Details will be given at the December Meeting.

Visitors to all Meetings will be welcome.

Brenda Calcraft
01823 681592