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Biodiversity Plan for Hemyock

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Archived Stories The Blackdown Hills AONB has commissioned Dr David Allen to produce reports on the biodiversity of six Blackdown Hills parishes including Hemyock. These will include distribution maps showing areas of important habitat or notable species and ideas for nature conservation action that the local community might like to pursue. These audits aim to provide basic information on the wildlife and geology of the parish and a few initial ideas for action that can be undertaken locally. They have three basic elements: A description of the Parish’s wildlife, including important habitats and interesting species, accompanied by relevant photographs and maps. A section linking the wildlife of the Parish to the Devon Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Plan (BAP). The Devon BAP provides a framework for co-ordinated action for the County’s most important habitats and species. What we do locally can contribute to county and even national nature conservation priorities. And thirdly, some initial ideas for local action to help our wildlife. This is by no means a comprehensive list but can help to generate further ideas among the community.