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Archived Stories Another year has raced past on the hemyock.org website. I thought I would report progress, especially as I am enormously proud of having kept a log of the number of users all year.   Last year’s report is on this link

The spreadsheet shows we had an average of 94 users per day during the year, a total of 34,106.   As far as anyone can tell on the web that’s real people, not ‘hits’.  Hits have been 2.2 million. The chart is here.  The black line is a rolling average of the previous 5 points.  Basically; you look at it more in the cold weather!


When I reported last year, the History of Hemyock was the most read piece, followed by Tracing Family History and then Parish Council.  Certainly the first two could be expected to attract a much more worldwide interest.  Let me draw this year’s winners out of the envelope.


There have been 230 Stories (on the front page), and 390 Calendar events this year.  Both of these are running at a steady level compared with last year.


  • History of Hemyock is still the winner, now with a total of 7611 reads.
  • Tracing Family History is still second with 7275
  • Brownies have pipped the Parish Council with 6801, hopefully for the right reasons.


On the Links side, we have sent (these are since we started 3 years ago);

  • 1565 people towards the Devon-In Touch pages.
  • 1497 towards Hemyock@Amazon.  I hope you bought Brian Clist's new book
  • 1422 towards the Blackdown Practice website
  • and
  • 1392 towards the Hemyock Castle website.


On the picture front (again since we started);

  • The advert from the Pump for the Hemyock Surgery attracted 2400 views (the website treats the adverts as pictures)
  • The Catherine Wheel attracted 1875 views and
  • The map of the Culm Valley Light Railway attracted 1805 views.


Every picture tells a story!  Good luck and keep entering information for others to read and utilise.


Hemyock.org was much praised by the judges at the Calor Village of the year session. It turned out he ran his own village website, but had to do all the entries himself! 

Thanks to Matt Clements as always for running the site.  We will be approaching organisations for subscriptions again soon.


Paul Steed