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Amicable Allotments Debate

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Archived Stories There was a robust but amicable debate about proposals to allocate land to the North of the cemetery for allotments at the February meeting of Hemyock parish Council. With land owners on either side of the cemetery refusing to allow their land to be used for access, allotment holders would need to use the main footpath through the cemetery to entrance their gardens. Detractors, many of whom had relatives buried in the graveyard, feel that the council owned land which will one day form part of the cemetery, should be treated with greater dignity and the whole cemetery area considered Sanctified. Potential allotment holders voiced their willingness to take great care when entering and leaving the cemetery footpath, keeping the area clear and not entering the cemetery when funerals were taking place.

However, residents claimed that additional cars parked on the busy school junction would add to existing parking problems especially at the beginning and end of the school day. Others who knew the land said that it was solid clay and should not be considered for gardening.

It was finally decided that representatives of both groups should meet again to see if a solution could be arrived at. In the meantime, the Parish Council would continue to seek land elsewhere for use as allotments, including seeking offers from private landowners.