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Can you help our Church in 2010?

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Archived Stories St Mary`s Church is for everyone in Hemyock. It is always there for the big events of life like weddings and funerals and also for quiet thought and contemplation. It is there as a landmark and symbol for the village.  But although it`s there for everyone, not many contribute to its costs and we are asking if you can help put that right. The Church has had a shortfall in income for a few years and this shortfall has been met from a legacy. The deficit is expected to be approx £7000 for 2010, if this deficit continues, we will be facing bankruptcy in 3 years. But we believe that no-one here in Hemyock would want to see that happen, and we`re asking for your help.

If every household in Hemyock could make a contribution of £4 each month, for example, we could confidently plan to keep the church available for all of us when we need it - open daily and in the centre of village life.

Please give something to your church this year. Ideally as a regular donation by standing order* or a single donation by cheque made payable to St Mary's PCC, Hemyock and handed in at 50 Castle Park,  Hemyock or 1 Parklands, Hemyock, or to any member of the Parochial Church Council.

Thank you very much.

*Further details on standing order/gift aid can be obtained from Hazel Partridge, Treasurer (hazelpartridge@email.com or telephone 01823 680069 (with answerphone)