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Around Hemyock - February & March 2010

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Archived Stories Just before Christmas those who went to a concert given by Hemyock Singers may remember them singing 'Winter Wonderland'. Included in the song are the words 'Over the ground lies a mantle of snow.... In the lane snow is glistening ..... A beautiful sight ..... Walking' in a winter wonderland'. Recent weeks have certainly brought us a mantle of snow and it has without doubt been a beautiful sight greatly enjoyed by the  young and young at heart with sledging, snowmen, igloos and snowballs abounding. Of course for some it has meant being unable to get out and about and created difficulties for farmers and other folk. What it has seen is neighbour helping neighbour which is always a good thing. We have been fortunate that supplies of food, milk, newspapers and post have reached us, that staff at the Surgery have been able to visit patients, that the school after closing for a couple of days re- opened and that out refuse and recycling was collected - we are grateful to all those folk involved. We all hope that by the time the Pump has been printed a thaw will have set in and we can look forward to the joy of snowdrops and crocuses flowering reminding us that Spring is just around the corner.

Over the Christmas and New Year period we were able to enjoy a wide variety of seasonal events and services as well as some delightful displays from those who entered the decorated homes and businesses competition - congratulations to the winners.

Many of us are aware of people who are unwell or recovering from illness or surgery - included here are Malcolm Beal, David Palmer, John Doble, Margaret and Alan Craig, Ray Casely, Leonard and Sylvia Manley, Denis and Joan Hart and Val Palmer. We wish all a speedy return to good health whilst love and condolences are sent to those who have recently lost a loved one.

We have all been shocked by the dreadful news and scenes coming from Haiti following the earthquake there. Hemyock has always been quick to respond to such tragedies and this has been no exception as  was proved by the generous response in particular to the ShelterBox Trust appeal.

No doubt there have been a variety of personal celebrations locally but as a parish we send love and congratulations to Rev Malcolm Beal and his wife Mary, who towards the end of January celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. The couple moved here when Malcolm retired from his Living in Jersey , but retirement is not really a word in their vocabulary and both have continued with a variety of pastoral work and many will have experienced their kind and loving nature.

As we say a fond farewell to those who will be leaving us in the coming weeks we also send a very warm welcome to those who have moved here recently and are reading the Parish Pump for the first time. We hope you will find it full of useful information both about the local clubs, organisations and churches and will feel able to support the business advertisers to help us to remain a thriving community.

Janice Bawler