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Mobile Library

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Archived Stories Over the last ten years the number of people using the mobile library service has declined by more than 40%. Devon District Council want to revitalise the mobile library service so that it becomes a better used and more vibrant service within rural communities. The people who still use the service value it very highly but the drastic decline in use means that DCC now need to consider how we increase use of the service to deliver the best value for money for Devon’s communities. You can choose from a range of books and spoken-word cassettes, and if you don't find what you want, your librarian will be pleased to help. Membership is free, and though we would like you to return books after 4 weeks so other people may borrow them, there are no overdue charges. All of our vehicles have access for people with disabilities - but please talk to the Mobile Librarian if you are experiencing any difficulties.

You can also reserve books, CDs or cassettes via your mobile library and we can answer your information enquiries using the resources of the main Central Reference Libraries.

The mobile library visits our area fortnightly as with the next visit as follows:


Culmstock Road
10:25 - 10:35 Wednesday 3rd Feb

Hollingarth Way
10:45 11:05 Wednesday 3rd Feb

Lower Millhayes
11:10 11:20 Wednesday 3rd Feb

Bent Oaks
11:30 11:45 Wednesday 3rd Feb

Village Hall
14:55 15:35 Wednesday 3rd Feb

Conigar Close
15:40 15:55 Wednesday 3rd Feb