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ShelterBox - Update

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I have received confirmation that our Rotary Club in Tiverton has donated, with your huge support, the following Boxes, numbered 39038, 44708 to 44715 inclusive, 49126 to 49131 inclusive 49971. This is a total of £7840.

It may be a little while before the ShelterBox website records where each Box has gone and please don't be disappointed if any of these numbered boxes do not go to Haiti. You will see from the following quote from their website www.shelterbox.org that the organisation that you have supported has been very busy recently!

In 2010 ShelterBox has so far responded to the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile as well as disasters in Peru, Egypt, Kenya and Uganda. In less than three months, more than 12,000 ShelterBoxes have been distributed with thousands more set to be sent out throughout March.
Many thanks for your support!
Roger Lambert