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Rev David Sherwood's Farewell

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Sunday 16th January will be the last service to be taken at St. Mary's Parish Church by Rev. David Sherwood before he and his family leave Hemyock for Ashburton.

The service will begin at 11a.m. and be followed by a  hot 2 course lunch (with vegetarian option) at the Parish Hall. Tickets will be £3 pp. and are available from Hazel  (01823 680069), Maurice (01823 680665), Anthea (01823 680430) and Hazel (01884 840646)  and need to be purchased by Weds 12th January.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to David's farewell gift is asked to pass it to David Bawler, 4 South View, Hemyock or their local Churchwarden as soon as possible.