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Parish Council Meeting

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Plenty going on in the village.  Read up on snow clearance, Annual Parish Meeting, challenges to MDDC charges and the forthcomoming election.

Snow Clearance Volunteer Scheme

Whilst the private response to recent snow falls was fair, it was patchy leaving some pavements and pathways un-cleared.  Hemyock Parish Council is taking steps to train volunteers under a Devon County Council scheme.  A coordinator is being sought and once trained, village team members would be covered by a DCC Public Liability insurance.
There will be vacancies on the Parish Council as we approach the elections on 5th May.  Chairman Heather Stallard said that villagers should consider putting themselves forward for this important work.  “Hemyock is a vibrant village with bold plans for the future” she said.
Challenge to Imposed Charges
The Council agreed to challenge these three items which concerned planning -
Archaeological Digs
Because of the finds made at the Churchill’s Farm development Hemyock has been designated as an Archaeological Site; any proposed developments therefore have to include a archaeological dig carried out before applying for planning permission. Chairman Heather Stallard said she thought this was over interpretation of the guidelines.
The floodplain in the Hemyock area has been greatly extended which will affect everyone's insurance policies.  The council will ask the Environment Agency what their criteria is in setting the floodplain.
Air Pollution
When applying for planning permission everyone with a Cullompton postcode has to pay thousands of pounds towards the air pollution survey.  It was suggested that if the planners insist on the payment to ask exactly what the money is being spent on.
Annual Parish Meeting
The meeting is planned for 7th April at 7.00pm with wine and cheese provided.  A speaker from Tone Leisure is being invited.  Written reports from local organisations are being requested and local Police are being invited.
Steven Reed
Hemyock Parish Council
01823 680946