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Upper Culm CLT Board of Directors Meeting 14 March 2013

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Summary Notes of the Board of Directors Meeting held on 14 March 2013


      Upper Culm Community Land Trust Ltd 


Notes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors Held on 14th March 2013



Directors Attending:             Heather Stallard (Chair), Neil Carter (Treasurer), Simon Clist, Lance Povah, Richard Kallaway, Roy Brooke

In Attendance:                       Neil Punnett (Company Secretary)

Directors’ Apologies:            Tim Barton


The following are summary notes:


  • ·        The Housing & Communities Agency site visit took place successfully on 5th November.
  • ·        The £492,000 application was approved by the HCA SW Investment Review Group on 6th March. This approval is subject to endorsement by the HCA Housing Programme Board in April.
  • ·        Minutes of the 1st November meeting were circulated to all CLT members, and a summary of CLT activity has been submitted each month to the Parish Council
  • ·        At the MDDC Planning Committee Meeting on 6th February planning approval was given  by unanimous vote. There was very strong support for the plan and for the CLT from the MDDC councillors. Councillors openly berated some of the opposition to the plan. The efforts put into obtaining evidence of actual housing need via the CLT Register were very important in achieving the final support of the planning department.
  • ·        A meeting took place with the MDDC Planning and Housing Departments, Hastoe Housing Association and the CLT on 25th February. The Letting Allocations Policy was agreed in draft form at this meeting.
  • ·        It was agreed that the CLT should support the Parish Council in pressing for traffic calming on the Culmstock Road.
  • ·        The CLT will be represented at the Gathering of CLTs at Norton Sub Hamdon Village Hall on Wednesday 27th March.
  • ·        Possible future projects for the CLT were discussed including providing housing for those in need of one bedroom homes, providing allotments, retirement homes, sheltered housing. Lance expressed his view that the CLT should avoid any further building projects in the village for the foreseeable future and said that he would resign if that decision was made. Simon and Heather expressed the contrary view. Lance said there was a large body of opinion against further growth in the village; Simon and Heather said there was also a large body of opinion that was in favour. One way forward might be for the CLT to purchase existing properties and convert them.
  • ·        A second issue of the CLT Newsletter should be produced and circulated to members.