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Clayhidon Definitive Map Review

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The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 requires Devon County Council to keep the Definitive Map and Statement of public rights of way under continuous review and to make modifications where it appears that routes should be added, regraded or deleted.  A review is currently being undertaken in the Parish of Clayhidon.

A total of six proposals for change to the public rights of way in Clayhidon have been proposed and published on the parish consultation map. The six proposals are

  1. 1. Suggested upgrading of Footpath No.14 (part) Clayhidon to a public bridleway from north east of the Kingsmead Caravan site at GR ST (1814,1690) south via Ringdown Cottage and Garlandhayes to county road at GR ST  (1739,1586)
  2. Suggested addition of a public bridleway; Nick Reed’s Lane GR ST (1540,1461) to  GR ST(1553,1435)
  3. Suggested upgrading of Footpath No.31 Clayhidon Ridgewood Lane (part) and Footpath No.40, Hemyock Lemons Hill to a Bridleway GR ST (1580,1280) to the Clayhidon / Hemyock  parish boundary at GR ST (1570,1198) to Lemons Hill GR ST (1524,1192)
  4. Suggested addition of a public footpath as a continuation to join Bakers Farm footpath in Somerset; GR ST (1761,1237) to the Somerset Boundary at GR ST (1771,1241)
  5. Suggested downgrading of Bridleway No.38, Gotleigh Moor, Clayhidon to a public footpath from the south east end GR ST (1968,1057) to   north end GR ST (1833,1147) near Middleton Barton (Schedule 14 Application received in January 1995)
  6. Suggested addition of a public bridleway along Routy Lane near Newcot Cross at GR ST (1601,1053) to county road GR ST (1661,1023)

View the Clayhidon Parish Consultation Map image - PDF icon (2.85MB - pdf help)


Reports on Proposal 1 (Upgrade of Footpath No 14 to a bridleway) and Proposal 4 (addition of footpath to Somerset boundary) were considered at the Public Rights of Way Committee on 24th June 2015 and the Committee resolved

(A) that a Modification Order be made to modify the Definitive Map and Statement by adding a Public Footpath from the county road north of Hartsmoor Farm to the county boundary as a continuation of the western end of the Bakers Farm public footpath in Somerset between points A and B as shown on drawing number HCW/PROW/15/18 (Proposal 4);

(B) that a Modification order be not made to modify the Definitive Map and Statement by upgrading Footpath No. 14, Clayhidon to a Public Bridleway between points A-B- C-D-E as shown on drawing number HCW/PROW/15/13 (Proposal 1).

View a copy of the Committee reports and plans here http://www.devon.gov.uk/loadtrimdocument?url=&filename=HCW/15/39.CMR&rn=15/WD202&dg=Public


The remaining proposals should be considered at the next Public Rights of Way Committee meeting on 26th November 2015 and any comments or evidence in respect of these proposals may be submitted prior to 30th September 2015.

For more information please contact:

Mrs Tania Weeks
Public Rights of Way,
Devon County Council,
Lucombe House
County Hall,
Topsham Road,
Exeter EX2 4QD

Tel: 01392 382833; Email: prow@devon.gov.uk.