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Faster Broadband For The Rest Of Hemyock?

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General News Connecting Devon & Somerset, the largest Government funded superfast broadband programme in the UK, has signed new contracts with Gigaclear.  Gigaclear provide fibre to the premises broadband, and are actively targeting the harder to reach areas where BT are not providing Fibre To The Cabinet.

Hemyock is served by a number of cabinets, of which 3 are fibre enabled.  The remaining cabinets are not fibre enabled, which means there are many corners of Hemyock where the broadband speed is on the slow side.  It is possible to "Register Interest" with Gigaclear, which does not commit you to anything, but at the same time, the more people who "Register Interest" the more it may show Gigaclear we're keen.

Connecting Devon & Somerset Press Release

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