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Don't miss The Amazing Film of Hemyock

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Go and see ĎThe Amazing Film of Hemyock Ď and you will find it it not only amazingly well filmed but fascinating and absorbing and amusing in equal measure.
There are even quite a few well known Clayhidon faces in it.
I must admit that the thought of two hours watching life in Hemyock over the last seven years didnít sound that riveting, but it truly was.

Jenny Parsons has spent many many hours making this labour of love. Something that in 50 years time will give people such a snapshot of current life in this area of The Blackdowns that it will be treasured.
Often shooting from the back of her horse, Jenny turns up with her camera at all sorts of events and visits all kinds of organisations and films them with her particular eye for the colourful and human aspect of what she sees.
But even with two hours she is completely cognisant that she has had to miss some things out. But at no time does she linger over long, whether with the coffin maker, farrier, horse tooth cleaner, sheep shearer, vet, school dinner ladies or hedge laying champion.
Jenny visits farms, homes, building sites, weddings, a funeral, the bowls club, a scout sale etc and all are recorded in her unique style
Her love of animals and wildlife is a constant throughout the film, as well as the seasons in our beautiful countryside. I shanít forget the grass snake and the toad, and some prize bulls.
And thatís the point, it isnít all show animal stuff, this film shows modern farming as it is, and ought to be required viewing for the townie-raised.
Jenny has booked the parish hall in Hemyock for two evenings in March, on Thursday and Friday, the 22nd and 23rd at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £5 from Spar or the Post Office with all proceeds going to the Hemyock Calf Club Centenary project.
You will regret missing it.

Alison Weekes, February 2018.