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1.Photos of Longmead during development
A series of photos taken by Jack Pursell and others during the development of the Longmead sports field has been added to the website. They make a fascinating historical record of progress so far, and illustrate the huge amount of work undertaken. View Slideshow
2.Longmead Management Meeting
Click here for agenda for meeting tonight at 7pm Click here for last minutes
3.Longmead Management Meeting
Committee Meeting, Longmead Pavilion Monday 5th September at 19.00hrs (approx.) AGENDA 1)                 Apologies for absence 2)                 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising 3)                 Finance 4)                 Pavilion and Sports facilities 5)                 Longmead Environmental Area Project 6)                 Any ...
4.Longmead Management Group AGM
LONGMEAD MANAGEMENT GROUP Annual General Meeting Longmead Pavilion Monday 27th June at 19.00hrs.   AGENDA  1          Apologies for Absence 2          Minutes of the last AGM 3          Matters Arising 4          Chairman’s Report 5          Financial Report 6          Club Reports - Youth and Senior Football and Tennis 7          Any Other Business  
5.Longmead Management Meeting
Longmead Management Group have a committee meeting on Monday 25th January at 7pm. Click here for agenda and click here for last minutes.
6.Longmead Management Meeting
Please find attached agenda for Longmead Management Group Meeting on 28th April. Click here
7.Agenda for meeting on 8th September
LONGMEAD MANAGEMENT GROUP Committee Meeting on Monday, 8 September, 2014 at 1900 hours Longmead Pavilion AGENDA 1 Apologies for absence 2 Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising 3 Finance 4 Heating 5 Longmead Environmental Area 6 Any Other Business 7 Date of Next Meeting
8.Longmead Sports & Fun Day
Sunday 22nd August from 2.30pm An afternoon of fun activities for all ages, including: basketball, boules, football, tennis, walk& talk, yoga.
9.Longmead Management Group
Click here for agenda for Longmead Management Group AGM 23rd June 2014
10.Agenda for meeting on 26th January
Click here for agenda for Longmead Management Group committee meeting on 26th January at 7pm
11.Longmead Management Group AGM & Committee Meeting
Longmead Management Group is holding its AGM on Monday 29th June at 7pm click here for agenda Following the AGM there will be a Committee meeting - click here for agenda
12.Grand Opening
Official opening of the Longmead Field a great success
13.Dogs Halt Football
A recent football match was halted by the referee until dog mess was removed from the pitch. The Longmead Sports complex is proving a great success particularly for dog lovers, but their presence is proving a nuisance to sports people and a potential heath risk.
14.Did You Know… The Pavilion, MUGA and Tennis ...
The pavilion has a kitchen as well as changing rooms, toilets and sitting area, making it an ideal venue for children's parties etc.
15.Summary Of The Longmead Field Meeting Held 14th ...
Play area A sign stipulating ‘do’s and don’ts’ was needed before the playground could be opened. This should be ready in about two weeks time. ROSPA required that the play area be monitored for damage and hazards to children. Trim trail The lottery fund bid had failed. It was agreed ...
16.Longmead Management Group Need You
The Longmead Management Group (LMG) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Longmead sports and leisure facilities.
17.Celebrations as Longmead is officially opened
Grand Opening of the Longmead Sports Field on Sunday 4th November at 2pm
18.Longmead Management Group - Notice of AGM
Notice of Annual General Meeting: To be held in the Longmead pavilion at 8pm on Monday 7th June 2010. All are welcome.
19.Longmead Management Committee
AGM Monday 10th June at 7pm followed by Committee Meeting at 9pm
20.Longmead Field AGM 10th June 2019
Longmead Field AGM 10th June 2109
21.Longmead Field Meeting 10th June 2019
Longmead Field Meeting 10th June 2019
22.Longmead Field - Treasurer Required
Can you help? The Longmead Management Group is seeking a new Treasurer.  The role includes the collection of fees, record keeping and compiling a short report for each meeting.  There are four meetings each year held in the pavilion at Longmead. It is friendly and interesting group whose task is ...
23.Longmead Field Meeting 23rd September 2019
Committee Meeting Longmead Pavaillion Monday 23rd September 2019 at 7.00pm Agenda 1) Apologies for absence 2) Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising 3) Finance: Report   Expenditure 4) Pavilion and sports facilities 5) Longmead environmental area project (LEAP) 6) Any other business   Date of next meeting