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Issues of life and faith and humour

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A packed Throgmorton Hall in Dunkeswell revelled in the exceptional humour of author Adrian Plass last Saturday evening. Audience laughter raised the roof as the million selling writer and conference speaker delivered his special brand of thought provoking humour, whilst his storytelling moved them to consider the broader issues of life and faith.
Accompanied by his wife Bridget, their homespun poetry and anecdotes left over 250 people wanting more. For example, his take on the bible story of the Prodigal Son, whilst considered most unusual, led his hearers to consider afresh the concern of a Father for a failed son, which is a parable told by Jesus to emphasis the love of God for the returning sinner.
This was the first event organised by the recently formed 'Blackdown Hills Christians' which is representative of churches across the AONB.   As they left the event many people commented positively on the special sense of oneness experienced by them as Christian believers from across the 'Hills' denominations.

Adrian and Bridget Plass

Packed Throgmorton Hall, Dunkeswell

Audience enjoying event