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31.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order - click here 12th - 13th April Station Road
32.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order - Whitedown Cross to Shackel Cross, Clayhidon, Hemyock
33.Hemyock Parish Council
The parish council has listened to your comments.  New dog bag dispensers are now located at Longmead and the flood bridge. Please clean up after your dog.
34.Hemyock Parish Council
We have an election for parish councillors. There are 11 nominees for 10 seats. A poll will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.             
35.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order 21st February Combe Hill Cross
36.Hemyock Parish Council
29th Jan - 2nd February Five Bridges - Madford Cross click here and  5th - 9th February  click here
37.Temporary Traffic Order
Road closure 4th December Dunkeswell to Honiton  Information about some forthcoming drainage works which involve a road closure on the Honiton to Dunkeswell Road, near Combe Raleigh.   The road needs to close because a culvert has collapsed and requires replacement.  We are also installing new gullies whilst the closure is in ...
38.Annual Parish Meeting
Annual Parish Meeting  This Friday! 29th March 7.30pm Parish Hall
39.Hemyock Parish Council
Maintenance Person Required The parish council is looking for a maintenance person to do a variety of tasks on an annual contract.  The contract is for approximately 50 days per annum (it is recognised that the tasks and hours will have seasonal fluctuations, requiring more effort in the summer months ...
40.Hemyock Parish Council
41.Hemyock Parish Council
Hemyock Tomorrow - this is a fuller version of the document which is shortly being delivered to all homes in the parish of Hemyock.  The circulated summary document has a Feedback Form attached to it.  Please cut off and return the form to the boxes in the Post Office or ...
42.Hemyock Parish Council

43.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order Gypsy Cross - Leigh Cross 3-4 April 2018
44.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order - Remembrance Parade 
45.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order Road closure for the Lights Parade - 2nd December 6pm-8pm
46.Hemyock Parish Council
Defibrillator Training  Tuesday 30th January 7-9pm Half Moon Inn Working with Clayhidon & Culmstock Parish Council, Hemyock Parish Council invites you to attend a free defibrillator training session. The three parishes lease the defibrillators from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and it provides an annual training session as part ...
47.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 26th January 2018 Urgent repair to manhole cover
48.Hemyock Parish Council
Click here for Horse Sense for Motorists Leaflet    
49.Hemyock Parish Council
Temporary Traffic Order Fourways Cross - Ridgewood Cross 5th February
50.Hemyock Parish Council
Mid Devon District Council, in association with Devon County Council, Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) and Navigate Charity, have launched a Local Support Fund to support those whose financial situation has been affected by the current pandemic and are now out of cash for basic essentials for their household.
51.Hemyock Parish Council
Hemyock Parish Council has objected to the proposed development of 40 dwellings at Culmbridge Farm.
52.Hemyock Parish Council
CEMETERY CLOSED It is with deep regret that we must comply with emergency legislation and close our cemetery to members of the public, unless a funeral is taking place. We understand this will be a very distressing time for a lot of people who have lost loved ones, but we ...
53.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 13th - 17th November   
54.Temporary Traffic Order
Culmstock Road 30th April - 4th May  
55.Hemyock Parish Council
CEMETERY REOPENS New Legislation Allows Cemeteries to Reopen Following new guidance, issued by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, I am delighted to inform you we will be reopening our cemetery to the public from today. Last week emergency legislation was brought in by Central Government instructing all burial ...
56.Hemyock Parish Council
Come along to the Annual Parish Meeting - Friday 27th April, 7pm - Parish Hall. Meeting opens at 7pm with displays around the hall and the formal presentations start at 7.30pm. Cheese & Wine. Everyone welcome.  
57.Hemyock Parish Council
Please note the meeting tonight has been cancelled due to the weather forecast.    
58.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order Culmstock Road  5-9 August  
59.Hemyock Parish Council
HEMYOCK TOMORROW is a vision for the future which outlines our priorities for the next five years. It has been prepared by the community for the community :    
60.Temporary Traffic Order
Temporary Traffic Order 14th - 16th August  Conigar Lane, Hemyock