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1.Hemyock Parish Commons
HEMYOCK COMMONS History Commons are a legacy of the manorial system, division of the country into territorial or economic units, which has been in existence since Saxon times.  Manors were overseen by a Lord who farmed land himself using labour from slaves.  Other land was farmed by tenants, who may ...
2.MDDC Local Plan Review
H emyock P arish C ouncil MDDC is reviewing its Local Plan for the district to cover the period 2013 to 2033. Options for planning strategy and potential development sites have been drawn up and published for consultation. A ‘call for sites’ was carried out by MDDC in 2013, inviting ...
3.National Vintage Tractor Road Run - Devon
Dear Parish, The East Devon Tractor & Vintage Machinery club are coordinating the Devon National Vintage tractor road run 2016, with all proceeds going to Devon Air ambulance; St Luke’s hospice & Devon Freewheelers in Honiton. The one of a life time’s event, is to be held on Easter Sunday ...
4.Clayhidon Definitive Map Review
The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 requires Devon County Council to keep the Definitive Map and Statement of public rights of way under continuous review and to make modifications where it appears that routes should be added, regraded or deleted. A review is currently being undertaken in the Parish of ...
5.Mary Waldron Trust
Left Uffculme School? Going on with Education? The Mary Waldron Trust may be able to assist you financially in vocational and further education (including Richard Huish College) with purchases of books and equipment, including computer requisites.  Those applying should normally be resident in Hemyock or Clayhidon and must have received ...
6.Bus Service 20
Several parishioners have contacted me about Bus No 20.  Somerset County Council is withdrawing its subsidy from the service.    I have contacted Somerset County Council who has told me . . .  There is only a slight change to service 20 as a result of the withdrawal of our ...
7.Road Closure
Circumstances and weather permitting on behalf of Devon County Council, SWH will be carrying out the following works under a road closure as shown below: Type of Works: Drainage Location: Five Bridges Cross to Madford Cross Hemyock - click here for map
8.Connecting Devon & Somerset
Connecting Devon and Somerset Update Phase 2 Procurement In July Connecting Devon and Somerset partnership (CDS) issued its open tender to extend the superfast broadband scheme in phase two. £39.5m of public sector investment will deliver Next Generation Access broadband services (a minimum of 30 Mbps) and ultrafast broadband (of ...
9.Temporary Traffic Order
Traffic Order 24th-28th August Lickham Cross - Gypsy Cross click here 
10.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council meeting
11.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council Meeting
12.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Parish Council Meeting
13.Hemyock Parish Council
Planning Meeting to discuss planning application • 16/01772/MOUT - Major Outline Application. Land at NGR 313382 113489 Culmstock Road, Hemyock. Outline for the erection of up to 40 dwellings (including affordable housing), public open space and associated infrastructure.
14.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council meeting
15.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Meeting
16.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Meeting
17.Hemyock Parish Council - Finance Committee Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting
18.Hemyock Parish Council
Commons Management Group Meeting
19.Commons Management Group Meeting
August meeting
20.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Meeting
21.Hemyock Parish Council
Annual Parish Meeting
22.Parish Council Meeting
Planning Meeting
23.Hemyock Parish Council
Meeting to discuss Planning 16/00746/PREAPP - 38 dwellings on Culmstock Road, Hemyock
24.Hemyock Parish Council
Monthly Council Meeting
25.Parish Council Meeting
Council meeting to discuss Waddeton Park proposed development
26.Hemyock Parish Council
Finance Committee meeting
27.Hemyock Parish Council
Council meeting
28.Hemyock Parish Council
Commons Management Group Meeting
29.Hemyock Parish Council - Finance Committee Meeting
Finance Committee meeting
30.Hemyock Parish Council
Council meeting