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History Group - Meeting Reports

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Archived Stories Dr John Griffin gave an interesting talk at our June meeting on the colourful local character who lead hunting hounds in the west country, William Pook Collier.

Friends of St Mary's

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Archived Stories The Friends of St Mary's would like to thank everyone who supported the Open  Gardens at Regency House, those that brought along their tractors, those who  brought along their classic cars and those who came to look at both gardens  and vehicles

Hemyock Under 12's

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Archived Stories Football training will begin on Saturday 15th August 10:30am

The Garages, Millhayes Youth Centre

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Archived Stories The project to start some youth facilities in the village has begun. We have a date for the first Under 18 Night Club to help raise funds for your Youth Centre.

Concert report

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Archived Stories The Salamanca Band and Bugles of The Rifles were welcomed to Hemyock on Saturday (11th July) by a peal of bells rung by the ringers of St Mary's church where the band, conducted by Sgt Martin Wills, gave a concert to a large audience. Given in aid of the Friends of St Mary's and the Royal British Legion the evening made £650 which will be equally shared by the two charities and the organisers would like to express their thanks to the sponsors of the event

Salamanca Band And Bugles Of The Rifles

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Archived Stories

The Salamance Band and Bugles of The Rifles will be in concert at St. Mary's Church, Hemyock on Saturday 11th July at 7.00 pm.  Tickets are £6.00 and available from Patricia tel: 01823 680436 or David tel: 01823 680352.

Youth Council for Hemyock

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Archived Stories A meeting which is hoped will be the pre-curser for the setting up of a Youth Council for Hemyock is to be held next Monday 6th July at the Garages of the old St Ivel factory.  The Parish Council have plans to turn the Garages into a Youth Centre and need young people to feed in their ideas on the running of the project.  Young people are invited to attend the meeting which begins at 7.30pm.