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Parish Council - Minutes & Agendas

This page has links to recent Minutes of Parish Council Meetings. They are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

They are the draft Minutes, put here for speedy democratic access. 90% of the time, they are accepted unaltered as the official Minutes, but if you really need to be sure, you should check with the Clerk.

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Public Question Time Minutes

Separate Planning Meetings

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes



Minutes of monthly Parish Council meetings

2014 2015 2016  2017 

22nd January 

Summary Sheet



Agenda 20th January

Minutes 20th January 

Agenda 11th January

Minutes 11th January

5th February

19th February 

3rd February

4th February

25th February 

Agenda 3rd February

Minutes 3rd February

Agenda 1st February

Minutes 1st February

Agenda 21st February

Minutes 21st February

5th March

6th March 


Agenda 2nd March

Minutes 2nd March

Agenda March

Minutes 1st March


24th April


Agenda 6th April

Minutes 6th April

Agenda 20th April

Minutes 20th April

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting
29th April

Agenda 5th April

Minutes 5th April


20th May

6th May

20th May

Agenda 4th May 

Minutes 4th May

Agenda 23rd May

Minutes 23rd May



11th June


18th June

Agenda 1st June

Minutes 1st June

Report 1st June 

Agenda 15th June

Minutes 15th June

Agenda 23rd June 

Minutes 23rd June

July July

Agenda 6th July

Minutes 6th July

Agenda 18th July 

Minutes 18th July



12th August


Agenda August

Minutes August



16th September


24th September 

Agenda September

Minutes 7th September 

Agenda 26th September

Minutes 26th September

October  October

Agenda October

Minutes October

November November 

Agenda November

Minutes November


3rd December

9th December

2nd December

9th December

15th December

Agenda 6th December 

Minutes 6th December

Agenda 7th December

Minutes 7th December




2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  January   January February


Summary Sheet

  February February February March February
  March March March April

6th March

14th March

27th March

  April April April May






  May May May May Budget May
June June June   June June
July July July July July July
August August Aug August August  August
September August Special Meeting on Youth Centre September September September September
October September October October October

2nd October

23rd October 

November October November November November


12th November

December December  December December


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3,4 & 5


4th December

11th December



Minutes of Commons Management Group Meetings

2013 2014 2015 2016 




Notice March - April 2014

Notice May - October


AONB Notes

Agenda January

Minutes January

Agenda January



  February February

Agenda February

Minutes February

  March March  

Agenda March



April April April

Agenda April

Minutes April

May May      
June   June

Agenda June

Minutes June

July July July    
August   August

Agenda August

Minutes August

September September September    

Agenda October

Minutes October

November November November    



Minutes of Finance Committee Meeting

2015 2016  2017 
30th June

Agenda February 

Minutes February

Agenda March

Minutes 31st March 


Agenda May

Minutes May

10th November

Agenda July

Minutes July

20th November

Agenda October

Minutes October


Agenda November

Minutes November/images/library/File/Financecommitteeminutes28.11.16.pdf




Public Question Time Minutes;

From 2011 the PQT Minutes are reported within the main Minutes.

2008 2009 2010
  February February
  March March
  April April
June June May
July July September
August August October
October September November
November October  
December December  



Separate Planning Meetings (held on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises)

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  February   January  
  March February January -2  
July April October March  
August May November    
  July     June-12/00456-FULL
December       2nd November 2012



2007 and prior.
Apr & May 2007
Feb & Mar 2007
Oct, Nov, Dec 2006
Jul & Aug 2006
May & Jun 2006
Mar & Apr 2006
Jan & Feb 2006


Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
2009 2010 2011 2012  





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